Any issue putting magnets on top of SC2 wheel base?

I just wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues putting magnets with double sided tape on top of the wheel base? I don’t know whether or not that would cause any issues with anything inside the wheel base, so just wanted to be safe.

I wanted to securely mount my DDU when not racing somewhere where it isn’t in the way of my monitor, as it blocks a big chunk of it, kinda annoying to navigate around with it there, but didn’t want it to maybe fall off if I bumped it or anything, it has magnets in it which is how it mounts so figured magnets on the wheel base to lay it back onto it would work best. Thanks.

It is unlikely to cause issues.

Basically the only thing it can affect is the torque smoothness, as the servo motor torque is caused by the sum of the magnetic fields formed in the motor due to current going through wiring windings. But those are probably much larger than the magnets you are considering.

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I have a piece of plywood mounted to the front of the motor. On that plywood I have two magnets that are used to secure the tablet to the plywood. I have not noticed any change in smoothness. These magnets are not directly on top of the base but figured I’d let you know my experience.

I solved it this way