Any chance I have damaged my SC2 Pro?

Hey all, your resident moron here!

I worry that I may have partially damaged my unit.

Earlier this afternoon I was doing a bit of cable management and as I was putting things back together I think I might have made a major mistake. I had just re-mounted my SC2 Pro and I was in the process of plugging things back in, I had the power cables plugging into a power strip but the power strip was set to off. I always unplug the power cable from the strip to make certain but this time I hadn’t.

I was about to plug it in, the power cable had just touched it to the back of the unit, and I saw a little spark and heard a tiny pop.

I immediately knew what I had done and I was scared to death.

I plugged everything in free from the strip and TD seemed to think everything was fine, High Torque mode activated and it seemed to work in-game, but I can’t shake the feeling that something, somehow, feels a bit off.

If I had damaged the unit would I know? Is this just placebo and fear of damaging one of my prized possessions, is there anything I can do to test the unit outside of playing in game?

Sorry for the long post, I’m feeling rather dejected at the moment and hoping I didn’t just ruin something I love because of my dumbassery.

It is placebo, this does not cause damage to the unit. The PSUs still hold the residual charge for a while after disconnected. Most likely the large capacitors from the PSU discharged while loading the Simucube 2 capacitors. This is why you should always do cable management while the PSUs are not connected to mains. If one does this multiple times, then at some point the contacts in the power connectors start to oxidize which will cause troubles.


Alrighty, that seems reasonable. One thing I do wonder and I haven’t tested is that the power strip, when off, still has power coming through, I think the strip, when off was still giving power. We’re using a new strip now, but I can test the one from before.

My only other question would be, if the strip was actively sending power through, do you still think it wouldn’t cause damage? One of the reason I have concern is because it’s specifically mentioned in the user manual and is marked as important.

edit: also, you guys are amazing, that was an insanely quick reply.

I did a little test with the FFB set really high in a couple of sims and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

No damage, the warnings and mentions of this in the user guide is exactly for the “long term” oxidation damage reason, and it does not happen by only one of these events, it requires several.

Wouldn’t turning power strip off or unplugging cables have the same effect?

It should have the same effect, yes.

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Thank you so much mika, I really appreciate it.

@Andrew_WOT Right now I think the power strip was still sending power through. I’m using a new power strip right now (both the same brand and model, but this one is literally brand new), but when I plug the old one into my wall and have my phone plugged in and charging, the phone will continue to say it’s charging even after I flip the switch to off and the light turns off. When I then unplug the phone and plug it back in, it shows as not getting power :confused:

This is the strip:Überspannungsschutz-Schalter/dp/B007WVIBK6/ref=sr_1_26?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=power+strip&qid=1581439497&sr=8-26

The new one doesn’t do this with the phone charger.

Edit2: I also don’t have a way to measure power coming from them atm.