Always at maximum torque

I have a question regarding the True Drive Software regarding FFB

My hardware configuration:
-Simucube 2 Pro

  • Firmware 1.3.27

Problems arise when:
Normally I use the standard safe profile. But lately its getting more serious with setting everything up the correct way. So also the FFB profile in True drive.

When I use a online profile any other than the safe profile the wheel isn’t usable anymore. I feels like it constant at maximum torque or at least what’s setup in the overall strength. To make it a bit drivable I need to turn it down to 10 -15%. With 50% or higher it’s so far from realistic and with 100% it’s at constant max torque. It doesn’t matter if I use AC or IRacing, same in every sim.

In AC it’s clipping with the slightest movement on the wheel. In IRacing setting the wheelbase to 25Nm the auto strenght function sets it auto to 16,7 (maximum) and not drivable anymore.

Only in the safe profile it does what it needs to do, every other online profile isn’t usable.

What am i missing here?

Thanks for the help!

Turn down Gain to probably about 40% in AC ACC and up Max Force to 60-65 in iRacing… (.385:1 - .417:1) or 38.5% - 41.7% of the actual car output telemetry…

I chose around 40% because that is where a lot of people end up.

if auto is being set to 16.7Nm in iRacing you are actually overdriving the telemetry to solve this set Wheel Force to 25Nm and then it will stop at 25Nm which would be 1:1 strength with the car… (or 100% of the telemetry output) Currently with it at 16.7Nm you are actually running at 1.5:1 or 150% the strength of telemetry (WAY more than is realistic or even natural)

This Forum post I did gets into extreme detail about how the iRacing strength system works… Can be complex, probably a lot of stuff you can skip but should reads are probably Clipping, Auto, and How to set up for best fidelity.