Allow Simucube wheel to spin freely?

Hi all, I am working on a project which requires using a Simucube wheelbase in a way which I don’t think it was meant for. Basically the steering of the vehicle we are implementing is derivative based not position based, so far I am able to get input from the wheel using windows DirectInput using DIPROPAXISMODE_REL which provides me with the change in wheel position rather than the absolute wheel position and this works great.

The problem is when the wheel is turned all the way to one edge it hits the bumpstop. Even when wheel torque is disable and the wheel is able to spin freely, the values reported by DirectInput get clamped to zero when the wheel goes past the bumpstop range.

So my question is; can I disable the bumpstop completely and continue to receive relative changes in wheel position using DirectInput?

This feature is not supported by our wheel base. There is also a safety limit in servo drive firmware, which will cut off torque generation after 6 revolutions, if I remember correctly.

Bypassing these types of limits would be a totally custom project for us.