All Mainboard LED are off

i just changed the PS and V+ and V- at 48V and all cables at the same connectors.
When i turn it on, you can hear the click inside, the lamp off the meanwell 48V 960 watt are green, but the board are dark. No red, yellow or green light.
When you put USB inside, you don’t get a connection. I testet 3 USB cables, but nothing happens.

Here are all photos, i have:

Just check that connectors at new PS is screwed down on the metal part and not the plastic shroud behind this would possibly stop power to Simucube board. The lugs look to be in too far in photos. Might be the issue I have seen this happen.

Thank you, but solved, the Mainboard was damaged.

Okay, the reason, why i changed the PSU is, when I set my CS1 very high, it goes after 2 Minutes into a protection mode.
rF2 and AMS2Beta tested.
The temperatures are at 30-40C° and its far away from 90 to 100C°.
Are there any protection mode?
What are BED?

2020-07-27 19_13_06-Granity

those are mechanical brake relay outputs, not applicable in Simucube use, but in CNC applications.

Okay, but how i can stop this power reduction after some minutes, please?

Change Mpp to 0 and change CRI to Pulse width modulation. I would also change FFT to 0,100 and increase FEV to max just to rule out this one aswell. Hope these will help you out.

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CRI is irrelevant when using Simucube firmware, as Simucube firmware uses SimplemotionV2 to communicate.

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just something that seemed off , wasn’t sure it does something. Good to clear this one out.

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