All games work possible?

Hello, first of all sorry for my English.

finally reached me, SC 2 Ultimate, I am very satisfied in general, I have been using it for 1 week.

Assetto Corsa Competizione
Project Cars 2
for good.

Sometimes I want to play
Forza Horizon 4-7, CarX Drift Racing Online, NFS, but not working
Can a solution be provided for all this?

for FH4 you can take Gimx. I make it too

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For Forza (horizon 4) you can also use Emuwheel.

Thank you for answer, Gimx for can you provide information for installation?

Thank you for answer, yes you are right, but I couldn’t reach a proper settings, Forza 7 :confused:

i have make it so how i see it in the Video. He has some more Videos you can look

Thank you so much, i will try

Do you think it will be possible to support directly in the future? For all Simucube

you mean will all game support DD in the future? I can’t say that. I also don’t know why some games support DD and some don’t. It’s not just about Simucube. Others are not supported either

I understand
Actually, Accuforce DD, supports Forza Motorsport 7

Game needs to support generic DirectInput FFB.
Same situation as with OSW and SC1.


About Forza games, Im in doubt that Forza7/FH4 can be enjoyable with any wheel… Not tried new XBO games but FFb in X360 forza games is bittersweet at most.
Trying to replicate this bittersweet sensation with 3rd party peripheals and other tricks is a lost of time and resources… always talking about experience:

Now im free roaming at Oahu in Testdrive Unlimited and, let me say that what a great experience! Hardcore mode adds a new level of physics to Ffb. Forsa what??

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