AKM53K BiSS/SinCos Wiring

Hello Beeno,
Here is what I am seeing in the Hengstler AD58 PDF for wiring.

Mine works. Forget the colours. You need to do pin-pin mapping. As per my mapping above. By that I mean from the std AKM53K encoder plug to the db15.

Did you get the servo and encoder pre-done from Davy, or only the encoder? If you wired the encoder to the akm enc plug yourself, its different situation then

Bought the AKM53K with 10K encoder from Davy about January 2016. He offered me the BiSS encoder about 6 months ago and had sent it to me pre-wired.
I am checking with Davy to see what he has done. I may require a new data cable from the encoder connector to the DB 15 connector.
He wired it so that I could use the existing data cable from the 10k encoder…

I took the encoder cover off and the mating connector has all 12 wires running from it.

Ha, so you have custom wiring then…and not all signals connected…

In any event, due to BiSS being a digital signal interface, it will always be better to use than the analog SinCos, especially like in your case where you have both signals available from the encoder. SinCos might be subject to electrical interference and cause a few hassles, if not properly implemented.

So my suggestion basically was just to rule out any wiring issues, but if BiSS is working well, keep using it.

I suspect the current issue is something in the code and no issue on your side, as I have experienced the same with a 40k incremental encoder in use…