AKM53 Simucube settings needed

Anybody have some good Simucube settings for an AKM53K on iRacing.

I would like the wheel to feel heavy, but not violent when in a spin or crash.

Hey Joe,
When I developed mine, I was running:

Recon Filter = 5 (you can try 8 here too, softens the 53K up nicely)
Friction and Inertia between 1 and 1.5
Damping at 4.5 to 5.5 (5.5 should completely eliminate oscillations)

Full current in Simucube slider - perhaps drop this down to 75% to reduce violence during crashing in the simulator
iRacing slider at ~30-32nm, depending car and clipping levels

Obviously you can adjust torque levels to suit, but above should be a good starting point for the AKM53K specifically, but should work well for most AKM servos, I am using similar settings on my AKM65, with the exception of the torque, which is mostly at 48nm, due to the servo deliveringreal-life 37+ nm at 100% Simucube current

Does the extra 9nm make a big difference over the Big Mige?

Thanks Beano,

I will try your settings. With my current settings the IndyCar oscillations make it almost undriveable.
I know the iRacing model has an issue, but that is what we must work with for now.

Talk soon,

Hi Beano,

What are you doing with the notch settings these days with the AKM motors?

Most of my experience with the AKM motors was with MMOS and fiddling with granity settings. So I am like a Dinosaur! :slight_smile:

torque notch and peaking filter is highly dependent on particular car, amount of torque being used, and also the individual lag in the users’ hardware and software as windows is not real time. Also the rim used affects this via inertia, much much more than the motor itself. Thus, there are no commonly recommended notch filter settings.

Thanks Mika,

I will try to find the instructions/ reference that was published by Brion some time back.

Hi Joe,
Good points by Mika above, plus, I have managed to tune out oscillations without using the notch-Filter, with my settings above.

Please note my settings will give a pretty heavy feel at the wheel, personally I far prefer it over the spiky/unfiltered feel so many seem to like.

Horses for courses, that’s the beauty if the simcube, its flexibility :slight_smile:

Hi Beano,

So you are not using any notch filter?

Our friend is looking for a heavy wheel that feels as realistic as possible.

Talk soon,

Correct, no notch-filter - have’t used it for a long time, perhaps nce or twice testing MiGe servos just after the first alpha-testing on the new GD fw…

But never used on any of my AKM servos.

Hey Joe, my current settings for an AKM54K effectively tune out any oscillations for me. Largely tested in open wheelers on iracing (formula renault, 3, 3.5). No notch filtering for me.
Recon 5
Damping 4
Friction 0.4
Inertia 1.25

I generally run at around 11Nm, simucube at 60% and iRacing at 61Nm.

Hi Smilen,

Thanks for the response!
Do you have any setting s for the Indycar on iRacing?

Have fun,

No worries Joe, I’m afraid I don’t own the Indy car so never tried/tested. I would start with my formula settings and dial in from there.

So my settings didn’t work then? Or he hasn’t tried it yet?

He has not tried yet. He had to go out of town for a few days.
I only asked Smiley so we would have more than one perspective.

We will probably test tomorrow.

Thanks for the help guys!