Aftermarket E-Stop?

So my dumb self had printed out a e stop cover to mount to my rig, i took apart the estop to fit it in it’s new housing and ended up losing the springs that i guess tension the button down. It still works but it’s not really “functional” anymore. Can I just replace the estop button with one off amazon? From the looks of it it looks just like a gate that opens and closes. I really can’t afford to buy one for $100, but i could swing $10 off amazong and just replace the button.


Yes, just reuse the cable from original one. This is what I have, much nicer one in a metal enclosure.

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Awesome, thanks! I figured it would be okay. I saw those metal ones. I think I might get one of those too

Just in case anyone else has this issue; and to confirm, an aftermarket one works great! It’s actually way better than the stock one.

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I dont know if it’s still possible but I have bought the premium button, I can sell the original basic orange button.

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