After Some research and advice I ordered the SC2 Ultimate What next?

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As the title state; After Watching videos, reading what I could, I just placed my order from DSD for the SC2 Ultimate. ETA is October. To Beano–Thank you! My current wheel is the Simexperience Accuforce V1 with the standard wheel it came with. The wheel has severed me well and it’s still functioning, it will become the “guest” wheel.

My request from this group is for advice. What next? Meaning, I believe the Ultimate comes with GD quick release (1), so I’m asking for confirmation. Additionally, if it doesn’t which Quick release would you recommend? Moreover, Looking at “rims” and I’m leaning tours the Cube controls GT Pro and AR F28-SC (wireless). Do you folk’s see an issue with any of those rims on the ultimate? Or do you recommend other wheels?

Lastly, is there any other “Add-on”/ accessories I should consider/order?

Btw…this will be mounted onto my SimLab P1-X and paired with my HPP PRX-SE.

Thank you all in advance for you feedback.

Simucube 2 products come with the Simucube Quick Release (SQR) system, one wheel-side unit is included, and more can be purchased from our resellers such as DSD.

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Any Achser or cube wheel or many others will be fine unless you already have wheels. You can use SC quick release or Zero Play or Q1R any will be fine.

If you are not sure then hold off on ordering a lot of stuff and start with one wheel. You don’t even need to by any quick releases yet.

And just for search and reading.

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I’m using an HRS Xero-Play with my Ultimate (on Beano’s recommendation) and couldn’t be happier with it. Aside from doing what it says on the tin it’s the best looking QR I’ve seen too.

What I think about QRs,
SimucubeQuickRelease was created with the SC2 ULTIMATE in mind, so Im in no need to change that.
I found it to be rock solid, zero play, like welded and the pin takes no time to change rims. Im in love with the ingenuity of GD


Ha, gratz, Mate, good decision :slight_smile: And absolutely my pleasure to be helping guys down the dark path that is direct drive wheels, haha…

I think soon, I will be in trouble…

No sir. Thank you! Looking forward to your videos.