Adjust Strength via potentiometer

Hi, with an MMoS setup, it was possible to use a pot to torque scale via (hidden) parameter 920.

Is this still possible with the Simucube.
Is there any consideration for using the pot to directly scale the overall strength slider?


This is not possible with the SimuCUBE firmware at the moment. Most likely such feature is going to be implemented soon.

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My current, expanded thoughts on this:

It will not be smooth, as setting the new power level to Ioni will cause a momentary pause in communication. Also the relationship w.r.t the profile strength setting will have to be thought out. Maybe the strength in the profile will be the maximum, and then the potentiometer can be used to set the power level. However, this could also make the wheel not initialize if the potentiometer is at some low setting, and other peculiarities.

I would be much more keen on implementing +5 % and - 5% buttons instead of potentiometer, because of these issues.

I would say this feature is not important at all, so thats why it hasn’t been implemented so far.

Thanks Mika - I am continually amazed at the degree of support by the Granite Devices team!

I am not familiar with the IONI control scheme - and was hoping this would be as simple as the parameter 920 which enabled a form of live change prior. Having said that, I do not think a momentary pause may be that significant an issue, considering the existing method is to stop playing, launch granity, adjust profile and save profile.

Extending on your idea, buttons can certainly work - Perhaps a DI can also be used to switch profiles?
Another pot possibility is to provide a min/max level (e.g. 20% to 100%).

Whilst the main demographic (simracers) may be comfortable swapping strength and profiles via GUI and mouse. Those with kids, friends or even running commercial events would certainly appreciate a quick adjustment feature that does not require mouse/GUI interaction - in some ways this is the soft-equivalent of an emergency stop.

Thanks again for giving this further consideration.