Additional capacity at the PCB (C48 & C49)

Hello everyone,
I wonder, what the blank area close the resistors are for.
Is it possible to add additional capacity at the C48 and C49?
Since I just habe a small PSU I have a 1000µF in parallel to the PSU, to buffer some high currents. But I want to add some more.
To place them directly to the PCB would be nice.


The blank area was intended for a cooling fan (holes for zip ties attaching). There are also two placeholders for capacitors, however during prototyping those were found unnecessary.

You do not need to add any extra capacitance to sc1 boards not the SDR PSU. You will not gain any increase in performance by doing so.

Kind regards, Esa

Thanks for the feedback.
I just have the NDR, not the SDR PSU.
So I will leave the capacity as it is and don’t change anything else :slight_smile: