Adapting Pro profiles to sport (iRacing)

Hi there. My replacement Sport is working great. Thanks for your previous help

There are many PRO profiles on the app but only one SPORT profile for the F3.

Can I use the PRO ones with some changes?

Also dumb follow up Q. Do you set the force to the full 17nm in iracing. Currently reduced to 12 and got more feel but I’m a bit lost between settings now . Thank you

In my opinion, you can also use the Pro profile, as it was only created on the basis of 25nm.
If these profiles were a little too weak for you, you would have to lower the “max force” value in iRacing, for example.

However, some profiles do not use the full power of the SC Pro at all.
For example, I use a profile that I then lowered again to 14nm because it was too strong for me.

Here is a calculation example for iRacing, how the wheelbase affects the NM.

iRacing Nm * (WheelBase Nm / iRacing Max Force) = Output Nm

So for instance if iRacing is generating a 10 Nm force and I have a wheelbase with 25 Nm and max force ingame set to 70, the actual force I get is 3,5 Nm
10 * (25 / 70) = ~3,5

To achieve the same output with the Sport you have to adjust the iRacing Max Force.
10 * (17/46) = ~3,5

After this setting, however, always pay attention to the Force Feedback display in iRacing that you are not causing clipping.

Please correct me if I am wrong here with my calcuation.


iRacing gain settings were always source of perpetual confusion.
Why don’t they simplify it with simple gain slider like the rest of the world, or it’s not hardcore enough? :grinning: