Actual Maximum Torque - Showing as 0.0

Hey all,

In true drive profiles the actual maximum torque is showing as 0.0nm ??? Any ideas here . It feels fine as far as I can tell playing. Any idea why it shows as 0.0?

Which software release is this happening on?

2022.5 is the software release

This is in the profile settings editor dialog, right. It is both in the offline dialog and in the Paddock version? Or both? Is there a difference if you open True Drive after device has been powered on?

Mika !!! Thanks turned it on “after” powering on the device and its showing now. Thanks so much !

I would be interested in what dialog exactly showed the wrong actual torque. At least the Paddock editing windows should remain inaccessible until device has been connected to and the torque capability has been asked from the wheel base. But offline mode, hmm, there could be a bug there.