Actual max current only 6.36 A at maximum strength

Hi All,

I bought a used Sim-plicity small mige direct drive wheel a few months ago, the previous owner bought it new in January. The first thing I did once I had the wheel set up was to get rid of MMOS and move to the Simucube software. The wheel has been working brilliantly since then. However in the configuration tool I have never gone above an Actual max current value of 6.36A, whereas I have seen screenshots of other wheel settings with much higher values. This is on all versions up to 0.10.3.

Is this an issue I need to resolve, or expected behaviour?

The settings with your Simplicity kit originally had that amperage. Connect to the drive via Granity to set up a new limit - for small Mige, 12.86 A MMC and 10.5 A MCC should be ok.

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Thanks Mika! All looks and feels much more like it should now.


Pretty sure the drc from Tomo (Sincos) on my Small Mige was 11A MCC - but that’s likely just fine too!