Active pedals sold out

Just saw on the website stock ran out.

Website like sim racibg bay still list as in stock.

I ordered at srb on sunday. Am I still in batch 1?

Yes, you should be.
from the batch 1, a number of units was reserved for our own store, and the resellers have their own number of units.

Hi Mika, :+1:. That calms me down !

Hi Mika - Would you by any chance know when the pedals will arrive at resellers? I preordered a set of 2 with baseplate on March 10 at Digital Motorsports, and they said they were told end of March. I followed up with DM today and they said they haven’t been updated so far and hope to receive them this week/early next week.

From what I know, shipments from our factory to the resellers and also to our own store has been sent.

We will aim to get the software out on Friday…

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Thank you for the quick response, Mika. I assume DM will receive their units soon then.