Accessory Port - How on earth do I calibrate?

I have 3 pedals and handbrake set on the accessory port, they all appear with values but I can’t see a calibrate button for some reason, I can’t find in forums either, can someone help?

I tried via Windows but it didn’t affect the values inside of Simucube.


“Configure Analog Inputs” on the tab with the cog icon

I’ve configured them there, but how to Calibrate? The Calibration is off

Set the lower and upper deadzones. Not sure the new terminology as this was changed in one of the recent Software releases.

Min Value / Max Value? I think I get it…

yes, it used to be called Deadzone. You set where you want to have the min (0) value and the max (100) value. I believe in the newer SW it is in %, in the older SW it was an absolute value between 0 - 65xxx. The resulting range will be mapped to 0-65xxx as the value Windows sees.

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Thanks, going to give this a test!

AFAIK top level is at 65535. You maybe can find useful information here: