Accessory Port Analog Handbrake Losing Calibration

Hi there guys,

I’ve tried to look this up in the documentation and various forum with no luck.

In short, I’ve modded a cheap handbrake to work with the accessory port in my SC2, mainly to spare an USB port. I’ve used a 10K pot with a simple lever mechanism and it worked fine for many sessions of rallycross.

After a day or two (and some on-off of the motor since I power down everything at night) I’ve noticed that the calibration of the analog input was all over the place. I am pretty sure I have pressed the save button after the first calibration and the thing worked properly, using around 30% of the actual pot travel.

Is there some kind of reset to be made? Is it mandatory to have an .ini file properly set up?

Before you guys ask, yes, the pot works fine. And I’ve used that value just because I have many laying around from other projects. But I’m definitely trying an hall effect sensor and an amplified load cell after this lol

Thanks in advance!

Which analog input channel did you use for the handbrake potentiometer?

I wonder if some Simucube Wireless Wheel 2 code is interfering with that.

I’m using pin 14, selecting handbrake and the input shows as “rudder” in the main TD page.

I’m also thinking about EMI, I’ve used a shielded cable but haven’t actually connected the shield to anything. The pot is also bare metal exposed.

Another info, I have a wireless wheel, but it uses the old module, not the one with analog capabilities. It was also turned off all the time.