ACC: Lost FFB after turning the wheel +-20 degree


My problem is that at center I feel FFB but every time I go in to a turn the FFB is Dead, I can’t feel anything in the wheel. No resistant at all but when I drive on a straight there is FFB just around Center, This happens from start, SC is ice cold, no excessive noise from the motor and the SC haven’t been running more than 10-20h. I only have ACC and no other sims, I will DL raceroom tonight and test if I have the same problem. This happens after I installed 2021.8, before I used 2021.5 and had no problem.

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Try to enable high torque mode?

Do you got the same problem with other True Drive setup’s?

Yes a lot of profiles, also tried the 2021.5 Early access that worked before I updated and still the same problem.

Is it possible to see a True Drive setup that works fine, so without a lost of the FFB?

Ok this is strange, installed Raceroom and had full FFB with the same profile I use for ACC. Reinstall ACC and then I got my FFB back, very strange but maybe a problem with ACC. Yes I had the high torque mode activated every time I tested acc.


Miricals Happen!! Have fun again!!

I moved and renamed the thread accordingly. Great that you found a solution! It seems to make sense to have two sims configured at least to somewhat working state, so one can rule out the sim being the cause of any issues.