ACC freezes 8 out of 10 times

Hello all, i have a simucube 2 pro (batch 3) and lately having problems in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC)

The problem is that the screen freezes, it doesnt matter where in-game. But VERY annoying when you are in a good race.
I know this problem is related too simucube because when i turn of the unit everything is back to normal.
I really dont know whats causing this, could it be truedrive software (running latest version) or maybe is the unit faulty ?

Havent tried other sims yet because i like ACC alot at the moment, but i assume this isnt ACC related.

If you have the same problem, please share your thoughts.

Hope i aint the only one with this problem (meaning in a positive way)



This sounds very strange. How often does it freeze? It would be nice to know if some other game freezes as well.

Maybe it is the Windows turning off your USB devices? Is the USB Selective Suspend enabled in the Windows power settings?

Have you tried experimenting with the ffb interval steps in the controls.json file?

I have seen a few threads from other users with the same problem in the ACC forum.
Changing the frequency interval works for some and not others but it could be worth a try to see if you can notice any difference.

Can you say if there is a need to increase the interval between updates or reduce it? I’m out of resources to keep up with ACC forums.

Here are the details, Mika.

V 1.0.8
Exposed forceFeedbackIntervalSteps in the controls.json in documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config to increase Force Feedback frequency (0= 333Hz 1=222Hz 2=111Hz, default is 2

V 1.0.9
ForceFeedbackIntervalSteps now defaults to the highest frequency rate (0) when generated

It is recommended to set it to “0” to get 333Hz for DD servos

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OK, I will do a prolonged session with the latest default value (0) as soon as I can to see if there are any issues.

I’ve had no issues at all with it set to 333Hz and it improves the FFB a lot.

Some have reported stuttering and occasional crashes with that setting but I don’t believe they are SC2 users.

I had similar symptoms with all games after Windows update. Problem was with USB energy saving.

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What does your TD settings look like for ACC…I just went to config and set to 0…trying ACC for the first time…just did 8 laps @ MONZA , all seems good.

My problem just occurs randomly. Yesterday in a mid race my screen froze. Turned off the sc2 and all was running again.

I then quitted and restarted acc and i was setting up the car and then it happend again.
It isnt time related or anything it just happens.

I’m simracing for 5 years now and 1 thing i learned is to turn off all energy savers in windows :grin:

The only thing i can remember that has changed since i got the sc2 was a windows update.
But hell how do i figure out what that update is about and what has changed.
ACC hasnt been updated/patched for a while now.

Tonight i’m gonna try some other sims and see what happens.

Thanks for the replies so far.

I paused a race over night in ACC and when I returned it was frozen. I did not try turning off the SC2 to see if that would unfreeze things. In fact I had to do a hard reboot to get anything to work. Next time I’ll power off the SC2 to see if that unsticks it.

I had a similar problem in ACC with my old Fanatec set-up. My accelerator would stick and I couldn’t shift. If I powered the base on and off I could rejoin the race and everything was normal again. So there was something amiss between the game and the wheel.

I think i might have found the problem that is causing the screen freeze.

I had some company over and was running the sc2 pro in normal mode without high torque.
He drove for an hour without any issue.

After i changed TD settings and set high torque mode on, ACC froze after a 15 min.

It might be a coincidence.

Could this be the problem ? I hope someone from simucube can answer this question.

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The device shows itself to PC in exactly the same way regardless of the high torque mode being disabled or enabled.

Does True Drive manage to connect to the device even if ACC has crashed/frozen?

I’m sorry Mika but i dont quite understand what you are asking.

What can or should i check ?
If the screen freezes i can only do 1 thing to get it all running again and that is turning off the motor.

I cant even alt tab or whatsoever.
Well in the background everything keeps running cause i still hear the engine sound and all that. But because the screen is frozen i cant see anything.

were you able to solve the problem?

I am sorry for the late response @Brcr, but better late then never.

To answer your question, no i havent been able to get the issue solved.
I havent been racing for 2 years now, but i am back at it.
Still have the issue as we speak and still trying to find out what could be the problem.