ACC feeling in iracing

Hey community

First, I love the feeling in AC and ACC. I completly feel conected with the car and because of that I can go easly to the limit and know how the car behaves.

I joined iRacing recently, but despite my new simcube 2 pro I somehow don’t feel directly conected to the car. My settings in Truedrive didn’t bring any real improvements.

How do I set the Truedrive so that it feels similar to AC or ACC. Are there any ideas? I read that irffb isn’t the way to do it.

Thank you for your help.

Different games do indeed feel very different, partly due to the physics engine used in them, but most importantly due to tire model. It is very much a field of science to produce a working tire model that works well for simulator use, and there is definitively more than one way of implementing the tire model, and that causes different feeling.

iRacings ffb only simulates forced felt through the steering column of the vehicle and is 100% physics based, it has been discussed on the forums and they seem very reluctant to add any canned effects to help the driver get more information. Motion or shakers seem like the best way to get the seat of your pants feedback other games add in the steering force feedback.

There are no canned effects in ACC either.


Maybe because iRacing is so old
Quite possible it will never get there