ACC and SC2 PRO curbs and rumble strips

Hi everyone, Just got my new SC2 pro (replacing Fanatec DD1), I am getting used to the SC2 but there is just one issue I cannot seem to hammer out and hoping someone can help. I mostly race GT cars in both ACC and AMS2. The wheel feels damn great in AMS2 and I love it! However, I drive in ACC more often and while I was able get the wheel configured with the feel I like, I just can’t seem to turn down the Curbs(rumble strips) in ACC. When I drive over curbs or rumble strips, the force is just too high and too sharp, it shakes my entire rig. Is there a way to smooth out the curbs in ACC? I don’t have this issue in other titles to include AC, AMS2, F1 2021. Its just in ACC. Thank for any help.

Looks like no of the real ACC pros has time to help you. If they work in ACC you could try to flatten those spikes through the dynamic, fine-tuning filters like sawtooth and similar. That could be an approach. But I’m not into ACC. There are real experts like Andrew_WOT, SuperMonaco_GP and few others. Maybe you also go through the ACC topic to see if your question already has been posted before. It can be because you opened a new topic instead of using the existing one no-one is answering you.

Maybe show your current settings you are not happy with, maybe there’s something that does not fit with ACC others will spot.

I will upload my setting later when I get back to by computer.

Thanks for your reply. I did try to do a search, but I could only find info about iRacing.

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Here are my settings:

first of all, if you haven’t already after the switch from podium to sc2, delete your acc doc folder and remap everything from scratch. and delete any eventual fanatec driver still installed in your pc.

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Wait, delete the ACC folder in my Documents? Will this not delete all my other game data?

Hi, I have the same issue with ACC and curbs. Any help?

@DaRox @Nicolas_Lopez
ACC got also Motec I2 support!
Is there a channel for the FFB-Signal?

But you should try the TrueDrive setup’s i created for rFactor2. Give them a try… I get good feedback. And the Sinal for curbs shouldn’t be so different. Perhaps the same frequencies!!!

he he he, now I know the secret, to reduce the curbs effect FFB, just put 0.60, 0.30 for slew rate, you have to test, under 1.0