AC FWD car FFB resonance question

Hello! I had a question regarding an issue with FFB for AC, specifically for FWD cars.

When driving FWD cars only, I experience this resonance that occurs when the car is accelerating (usually in a straight line) that happens at random gears, random RPM, random speeds. It also occurs across all different FWD cars, and different tracks. It also occurs at different points, on the same track. It is quite strange, since it does not occur with RWD, or AWD cars…

I have played around with various true drive settings and AC FFB settings. It seems if I really crank up reconstruction, damping, and fine tuning settings I can get the resonance to decrease slightly, but it is still comes through here and there. Resonance reduction also does not help.

I have a Simucube Pro 2, am running 1.3.27 firmware, and 1.3.16 true drive.

PS should also mention that I did not have the issue previously when I was running 2022.07 version, then I upgraded to 2022.11, and had serious knocking issues when parked and when cornering. I then downgraded back to 2022.07, and then began having the issue of above.

Any feedback is appreciated! LMK if any further info is needed. Have a good day folks.

The Directinput effects including Directinput damping have been reworked recently. 2023.2 which will be released tomorrow, will fix the issue with that effect.

Which specific car does this happen on?

Hello! I was previously on 0.1.80 shader patch version, I just tried downgrading it to 0.1.79 and it looks like it has resolved the issue! I will try updating to the 2023.2 version when it becomes available and bumping up to 0.1.80 again and report to see if everything is resolved.

But to answer the question, it was occurring with pretty much every FWD car I tried it on. Modded cars, as well as AC Kunos FWD cars.

1.79 is nice, isn’t it. I myself use only open wheelers, so never had this problem. And it’s cool to know it’s not hardware related. I will try 1.80 in the meantime. Didn’t pay attention it’s available

I don’t think it is, 1,8 version is the Patreon/paid version

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Dam… but what you all know, amazing… didn’t even know there is a paid version. I’m a simple person, have a look yourself: me, this morning::gorilla:

We share what we have, don’t we😂


I have tried updating to the new 2023.2 True Drive version & re-tried with both 0.1.79 and 0.1.80 and it looks like the issue of resonance w/ FWD cars still persist. I’m thinking it must be a CM 0.1.80 issue… strangely enough I can’t find anyone else having the issue on Patreon (comment section) or on Reddit.

But, does anyone have advice on what else to try on True Drive side to try to solve the issue? Persists across all FWD cars as mentioned, but we can use Kunos’ 2016, Audi TT cup as an example.

Thanks again folks!

Are you using CM “correct” gyro? Try switching to OEM (standard Gyro) and disable all FFB Tweaks Plugin.
Drop road effects to 0 as well, see if that helps.


Are you referring to more physically accurate gyro implementation in CM, or experimental gyroscopic effect? If so, I normally drive with both those off. And I usually drive with road effects at 0%.

I realized after some more testing, that in FWD cars, when I upshift, there is a pretty noticeable FFB response. And in some cases, the FFB loops and becomes louder and louder resulting in the resonance. This doesn’t occur in RWD or AWD cars, and the resonance goes away if I release the gas pedal. And once again this occurs only when testing 0.1.80 and not for 0.1.79.

So you are on patreon pay-to-deal-with-bugs version? Sorry, can’t help, check discord support channel or just go back to GA version.

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I was able to download the 1.80 preview version, forgot about it, and thought after starting to drive a bit later:
FFB is so dead, what the f is happening? I will go back to 1.79