AC and CM: sun is too bright

Hi! Need help: was driving in Spa and all of a sudden the sun blinded me totally. Could of course change time but is there a solution to this? Thanks in advance!

Do not use post processing or weather FX. Or use different filter/make a custom config where sun is not so bright.


Don’t know how to do a config file but thanks for the other tips!!

I believe you must be using CSP without having installed SOL. Go to and follow the instructions

Would be nice if we could keep this board SC hardware related, there are plenty of other forums and discord channels focusing on CSP/SOL functionality.


Sorry! Because is a game section with AC I didn’t even thought about this, my fault

I think you will get a better answer here

CSP discord :
SOL discord :

Thanks for the invitation!! Very kind. Since long I have a problem with discord. Whatever I tried didn’t work. Do gave up on it

try “Open Discord in your browser” , it worked for me

There is an option to disable the sun rays within AC. It’s in the option menu of the game. I can’t remember the name of the rays but it starts with a “c”. :wink:

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Although I found it quite some time ago I thank you very much for the help and assistance!! Very kind of you!