Absence of tires Iracing

hello everyone, i own a simucube 2 sport, i have always played on rfactor2 and i love its force feadback because you can hear the car as i feel a lot
the tire, now I switched to iracing but I don’t feel the same sensations … isn’t there a way to make rfactor2’s force feadback on iracing similar?
Thanks in advance

Because iRacing do not offer some macrofeeds like other games. To fix that, try to set up and use one of my profile for iracing. all settings and tools needed to do that is described on the profile.
i have an sc2 ultimate but don’t worry, it’s the same for settings.
Remember to not set strength too igh from iracing or you end on a permanent clipped ffb signal.

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What do you mean by setting strength too high from iRacing or FFB is permanently clipped?

As set the FFB in True Drive lower and iRacing also lower, or higher strength in TD, but also higher strength in iRacing?


you have a SC2 Sport that is 17Nm. set it in iRacing @ 17Nm don’t give you any headroom
Set it Lower than 17Nm give you a more aggressive strength but clipping signal occurs pretty quickly. expecially woth BMW m8 @ charlotte or summit point. same for ferrari , porsche, 909, lotus etc.
My advice is to set a resonable threshold that give you sufficent headroom for signal out from iracing. set it to 20/22Nm give you less strength but the telemetry from vehicles and tracks is more detailed.

Try to set it just a little bit ( above ) to create headroom for telemetry.

I don’t use stock iracing FFB because is lifeless and too much rigid for my taste and feels to have insufficient details on tracks.

with iRFFB you can see if you clip too much and set per vehicle FFB headroom and also provide new effect. Some people says that itsss toooo mucchhh latencyyy… but is a placebo side effect.

try to set up and use one of my profile ( lower recon filter if you like less crisp ffb ) i set it to 1. the average is 4.

the day irffb stops working with iracing, i stop to use iracing and servos.

Wheel force is a parameter that do nothing if you don’t use internal iracing ffb clip control.

the most important parameter is MAX Force set to Nm instead of numbers.

this is the number that tell you how much narrow or wider is the dynamic range in telemetry.

if you set max forces @ 35 and you try to use the dallara dw12 @ daytona … you get a constant clipping… but 35/38 is good for a porsche 911 rsr at monza but not @ charlotte…

you have to see when , why and where you get clipped signal. it’s not that easy.


set max forces to 48/52
set wheel force to 20

drive a few clean lap and press AUTO when present in FFB settings menu. this way you probably do not have any clipping but still on lifeless FFB details.

iRacing 1:1 forces are quite strange. You always end up clipping in most cars with a 25Nm base at 100% and 1:1 ratio. The Lambo for example has clipping at 40Nm and it feels incredibly heavy at 1:1. Much more powerful than the real car.

The iRacing force effect is not measure as real life force. It’s a value they use in their model but it doesn’t say anything about real life strength.

This is super helpful.

Like you I’m on the Ultimate. I’m not sure I really needed all the 32nm of force, when 15nm seems to be more than enough.

I’m trying to get the Lotus 79 setup in iRacing, but it doesn’t matter what I do, the steering is always horrible and the FFB is always notchy, grainy and like no car I’ve ever driven, and no amount of tuning in True Drive is working for me.


try one of my paddok profile for 49 and 79 but, you have to use iRFFB with vjoy to get the full design of the profile. try with pwr. steering and no. pwr steering.

i see now that you are on SC2 ultimate. you can use my profiles without and change but if you dont like high end frequency , try to lower recon to 4/5 etc.

You probably have Reconstruction too low if it feels grainy. Set it to 5 (or higher) and it should be good.

I have it set to 6. So I’m guessing that’s not the issue.

Should iRFFB really be necessary with TD? I thought Mika said that TD made iRFFB redundant.


Mika ( for what i know ) is the lead software engineer at GD , but…
mika can’t have the taste from everyone and for everyone.

For me iRFFB is MANDATORY to drive in iRacing… the day irffb is not available anymore i stop to use iracing and sell everything i own now.

iRFFB give you A LOT of High end part of FFB frequencies / susp. fx and in this way is able to add a considerable amount of informations.

try it and if you are not be able to feel any difference you have to consider 2 points

1 - IRFFB + vjoy is not correctly configured and in this situation irffb work only as input passthru without any added effects

2 - you are not able to feel the difference

irffb can be very tricky to setup properly because continuous change made by microsoft on .net framework etc… but… when configured correctly is impossible to not use it.

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@Albert_Brennan I agree, whole heartedly. I enjoyed iracing for a while but once I found irffb I fell in love with it.

I need to be honest, I’ve found this thread and your posts because I am having trouble getting my SC2Pro to give me the same feel as I previously had with my Fanny DD1. I’ve done the basic wheel force / max force / wheelbase % ratios… but I cannot find a good setting in Truedrive + irffb that doesn’t simply feel washed out.
One of the best things about irffb, to me, is that you can feel the suspension loading during direction changes AND that you can feel the car weight shift to the nose under braking - but I cannot get that with this wheelbase and software.
I’ve even gone on to try a few different versions of irffb (Fuzzwah & Tom Hogue).

I’ve just copied in a couple of your profiles from Truedrive for car’s that I was previously comfortable with (skippy & Radical power steering) and will try to use them as a baseline for further experiments, so thank you for that.

Can you post your settings? I don’t use IRFBB, but I found I need to add some friction and intertia to feel the tires. I also came from a DD2 where I had those parameters at 0%, but 0% on the Simucube feels lifeless. I need to check my settings but I think I’m at 12% damper, 12% friction and 10% inertia.

Once I found the right settings, I could get a feel for the tires.