About to get one, is it possible to get cables anywhere?


I have just spent 4 hours trying to fix a cable error and pretty much over it all.

I have a midge 130st, is it possible to purchase pre tested cables to connect it up to the Simucube so I can just plug it all in and have it work?

Data or power?

Here are some power cables.

Or do you need with plugs already mounted?

Where do you live?
If you are in the USA I can probably sell you a set.

What encoder?

Im in Australia, I have a standard midge 130st I believe it is a 2500 encoder.

Have you tried AliExpress


Join iRacing and post on the Australian/ new Zealand community.

I would bet there is someone in Oz that has upgraded from an incremental 2500 5k etc to BISS C Encoder that has a cable they could part with.
The power side cable is simple. If you can not figure that out you probably should not be building your own control.

Not intended as an insult. :smile:

You could probably order a set of cables from Mige Direct from Lisa Zahn (sorry don’t have the email right now) I think they cost about $15.00 + shipping.

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