About Simucube 2 Pro Power Supply

Why not keep SC1 and wait for SC3 that is just around the corner?
In the end you are not going to gain much by switching until SW improves, at the moment SC1 and SC2 have feature parity.

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Poop? Call it what you want, but there is no appreciable functional difference between SC1 and SC2.
SC3 is already in development as confirmed by SC reps at SimExpo, it will have a better QR and integration with the rest of the ecosystem via Simucube Link.
Why bother with EOL product? Is your SC1 still functional, what are you looking for by upgrading?

It’s a gross overstatement that SC3 is just around the corner. Nothing of a sort has been communicated at least in public.

A product can be in development if someone draw its outline in a napkin. It’s still a long way from shops. So until Granite officially announces SC3 it’s at least a year or 2 years when it is available.

Also I don’t really follow your thought that SC2 is end of life product. To me the communication is more that: we are making big changes to the software to make sc2 even better. Doesn’t really sound like EOL to me.

But the difference between SC1 and SC2 isn’t huge as far as I know, the big difference is the design of the base, built in “motheherboard” etc.

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If it doesn’t sell I will just keep it as I have enjoyed having it for the last 7 yrs. Getting a new rig and going to put an sc2 on that mostly just for ease of use. Andrew why all the negativity been reading through the site as have not been on here for a while and just seems like you have an axe to grind or something. These people on here like to help each other and part of that is being a little more positive I really don’t mind the thought that there might be an upgrade coming as I am never the first to jump on that anyway so it won’t affect me for some time even after it comes out.

I’ll give it a year, but my guess is just as good as yours.
Don’t expect GD confirm or deny that, they will drop it unexpectedly, just like they did with SC2 while SC1 was still actively selling. At least this time we have some warning, official confirmation on product in development, some between the lines info on new QR, protocol, etc. Things are cooking, the way I see it, RD scope for SC3 is much smaller than it was for SC2. It is pretty much new QR and Ethernet protocol with Simucube Link, the rest is mostly SC2.
SW is already there (AP Tuner), they even have publicly released diagrams showing new wheelbase connected to the rest of the ecosystem.
If I didn’t have DD wheel at all, I’d buy SC2 on a whim, it’s still the best what is available on the market today, may be along with Asetek, each has pluses and minuses, but replacing SC1 now is not the most forward thinking decision, IMHO.