A question about wear of a SC2 pro

I just noticed something on my SC2 pro : it’s 2 and a half years old now, works perfectly. But, when we play, finally the motor and its axis are always used on the same angular range more or less : would the shaft output bearing wear badly because of that? I say that because, engine off (not on), I have a shaft that spins freely in the area usually used but which opposes a slight resistance, friction, or very slight cogging effect on the opposite area (where it’s never used) . It’s no longer free to make it make a complete turn on itself as when it was new. In game it does not feel at all, but engine off yes. Motor on, torque off : 360° rotation “seems” to be freely executed by hand.

I don’t know if I’m very clear.

Would I have some reasons to worry about it?

I can guarantee you your shaft and bearing will be like new in next 10years

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