A few questions about my new SC2 Sport

Hello fellow sim racers.

I recently purchased a SC2 Sport from Simracingbay with an Ascher Racing F28 wheel. Coming from the G29, this is my first DD wheel which has been a joy to drive with so far. A few questions about the wheel base:

  1. Is there a “correct” power on sequence for the wheel base and TD? Usually, I would start TD first and then turn on the wheel base.
  2. Is it necessary to turn off the wheel base when it’s not in use? I always left my G29 on, not sure if I should do the same to the SC2. I’m worried it might drain battery from the wireless wheel if it’s not powered off.
  3. If the wheel base should be turned off, what’s the correct process? Do I close TD first and then turn off the wheel base? Do I have to disconnect the power cable?
  4. I’ve paired my Ascher Racing wheel to the wheel base. However, the wheel does not connect automatically to the base on startup. I have to hold the paddles for about 1 second, only then it would connect. Is this normal?
  5. How do I upgrade TD and the firmware? I’m on the latest version currently, just asking in advance so I’m prepared when a new version comes out.

Sorry if the questions seem silly. I’m very new to DD and want to make sure I’m doing things right. Thanks and cheers.

  1. Does not matter.
  2. If you leave both the wheel base and the wireless wheel on, then the wireless wheel is on and communicating, and might drain battery. Turn either of them off - I usually turn my wireless wheel off, and also hit E-stop.
  3. Does not matter. Do not disconnect the power cable from Simucube 2 without disconnecting from the AC mains first. This is also in the Quick Start Guide and User Guide.
  4. It is normal. You can automate this if you enable the checkbox on the Wireless Wheel tab in True Drive.
  5. Download latest version and launch it, it will prompt to update the firmware.
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Thanks Mika.

Regarding #4, I believe I have automatic pairing checked in the wireless wheel tab, yet it won’t connect automatically until I pull the paddles. Is that expected?

Also regarding #5, I believe TD wasn’t really “installed”, but rather just launched from the extracted folder. When I launch a new version of TD, does it still keep the profiles and settings from the previous versions?

It will pair immediately when you wheel starts advertising. If it is on, but has been disconnected, then it will start advertising when you pull the paddles. If it is off, and you turn it on, it advertises right away. Thats why it is useful to turn the wheel off. The paddles are just another option for those wheels that do not have a power switch.

Yes, settings will be retained, they are saved inside the Simucube 2.

Awesome. I’m guessing the wheel stopped advertising in my case, since I always power down the base but left the wheel on.

Also, just realized there is a new version of TD today, a couple hours before I asked about updates. Talk about timing :smile:

And thank you so much for the swift replies. Seeing such quick responses from GD staff is reassuring, glad I went with the SC2 over Fanatec. A little story: I was several mouse clicks away from purchasing a Fanatec DD1 in January. I wanted the DD1 with the 5-year warranty, but the option was disabled because of a glitch on Fanatec’s website. I sent emails and even called them but didn’t receive a reply until several weeks later. During this time, I reconsidered my decision to purchase another Fanatec product (we’ve all heard stories about their customer service) and started wondering if the SC2 would be a wiser choice instead. And that’s how I end up here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, the advertising is a mode where battery consumption is the greatest. Therefore it will only advertise for a 30 seconds at a time, before going to sleep mode. Options that can happen:
wireless wheel power on -> advertise -> connection is made
wireless wheel power on -> advertise -> 30s, no connection -> sleep mode
wireless wheel is already on, and in sleep mode -> press paddles -> advertises for maximum of 30s…
wireless wheel connected -> wheel base turns off -> advertise for 30s -> sleep mode

… I think the readers get the idea.

That explains why the LED on the wheel keeps blinking whenever I turn the wheel base off. It was advertising! Good to know.