6 motors to throw strawberries

Hello nice girls and guys and robots.

I am planning to do some tabletop films and need to move around a camera, some lights, objects whatever, max. 5kg, I think. Thus I need to setup some motors and define starting points, acceleration and speed all at once.

Now I wonder with which hardware I should start with and also if there is already a software solution or a sort of a kit for such a project?

It looks as if the granite devices are might be what I need?

Thanks for your suggestions!


Hi Martin

What kind of kinematics are we talking about? I.e. what are the mechanics that will move the equipment?

We don’t have any off-the-shelf software for this kind of project. You would have to use either a commercial (open source is highly unlikely to exist) software or program it yourself. For this, out simplemotion field bus is the recommended option.

Kind regards, Esa