3D Printed PSU Mount

Here is the stl file for the PSU mount I mentioned yesterday:

It’s designed to be printed without supports if you orient it with the mounting tabs pointing up. Size currently only fits 120x40 profile. There is a cut out to see the power light so you can use 4 of them to mount the PSUs more securely. I only used 2 in the end as felt pretty secure with just them:


hello if you make me two you sell them how much


But seriously there are plenty of 3D printing shops about that offer a printing service.


many many thanks


Lovely. We like it! :+1:

Nice design.
Unfortunately works for very specific profile size, something that can mount in any slot, not to go around profile, could be more universal.

Best for mounting on 120x40 80x40 40x40 profiles compatible for all. And for horizontal and vertical mounting. :grinning:

I’ve added a new design that is more universal. Slightly more difficult to print as it will need supports but can be used on 80mm and up.

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Great work :facepunch:

I’ll go for the 8040 variant

Thanks a lot. I’m going to use the SC2_PSU_Universal.stl for 8040 profiles.

I have a suggestion, is it possible to make a double version to stack the 2 power supplies of the pro on only one support.

A small diagram to explain my thought:


Added a version for 4040 profile and a double stacked version. For the double stack version I’ve extended the supports as the PSUs are reasonably heavy. Probably not wise to mount on a motion rig though!


I am currently printing the 120x40 version. After that I print 4 times the 80x40 version. I would like to mount the power supplies horizontally behind the monitor. I am already full of anticipation

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I’m interested to know how far the monitor from the steering wheel. If you don’t mind can you share a pic of it. It will be nice if you are running a racing game to give me an idea how is your fov would look like. Thanks in advance.

Could you please make an inch version for 1.5 x 3 inches extrusion please.


I’ve updated all the stl files as the LED hole was slightly offset.

The SC2_PSU_Universal.scad file is now fully parameterised so can by customised in Thingiverse.

To change the hole distance to be suitable for different profile size change:
aluProfileSize = 40;

Edit the support structure if needed too using:
supportWidth = 80;
supportSize = 40;
supportHoles = 2;

All values are in mm.

Hi NuScorpii,

i have Finish. Many many thanks for your work

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Looks really nice and tidy. Great job :ok_hand:

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