2500ppr Encoder Wiring Help

Good Day, I’m new to the forum :slight_smile: I have been using a 9Nm Simucube 1 wheel for the past few years using a 80ST series motor with IONI Pro and 400w PSU. I needed a motor for another application so decided now would be a good time to upgrade my wheel motor to a 130ST-M10010 small Mige and I can use my old motor for the other app. I may have naively purchased the cheapest 130ST-M10010 from Aliexpress which comes with a 2500ppr encoder, is this compatible with my Simucube? Is it worth using or should I hunt down another encoder, they don’t seem easily available anymore. I think my old motor has a 10000ppr encoder, but it doesn’t look possible to swap.

I initially plugged it in and used Granity to change the motor settings, but was not getting any encoder feedback. Looking at the encoder wiring it seems I need to reorder the wires, but cannot work out what order they need to be.

I guessed A, B, C (Simucube) = A, B, Z (encoder), and Hall_W, Hall_V, Hall_U (Simucube) = W+, V+, U+ (encoder), but what do I do with the W-, V- and U-? I did try running it with this wiring and now get some numbers for the encoder, but it only counts in one direction and not smoothly.

Any help much appreciated

I don’t like electrics … shiny CNC’d aluminium makes everything better :slight_smile:

This was the exact motor I purchased:


You will feel a huge difference between the 2500ppr and the 10k encoder.

I and most others would have chosen th BISS C encoder. If you don’t order the motor with the BISS C encoder you have to have an adapter plate to use the BISS C encoder.
I do have a kit that includes the spacer plate and cable.

I also have 5k and a few 10k encoders.

I have been doing some reading and it does sound like a better encoder is definitely the best idea. Thanks for the link Joe, shame I’m UK based as that is the easy option. I should be able to get a suitable 26bit Biss C encoder from a local supplier and will make my own mount up, shouldn’t be too hard looking at it.

Yes you want a better encoder than the 2500.
Although I remember back when that was all we had we still thought it cant get any better than this! :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I hope it all works out!

To tie up this thread, I have switched to a 26bit absolute BiSS-C encoder, set at 20bit single turn, 0bit multi turn in Granity (1 million counts per rev) and it seems to be working very nicely. Hardest part was machining a tapered bore to fit my encoder ring to the end of the motor, my measurements must be off because it had a slight wobble, but seems to be fine with a bolt holding it on.

Hi there, your set up is really nice, i have i question, what you do with the encoder? the 2500ppr encoder works with simucube? i bought the same motor

Yes the 2500ppr encoder will work with Simucube.

I would recommend to upgrade at least to a 10kppr encoder. It makes the motor much smoother.
If course upgrading to the BISS C is the best upgrade.

but is just plug the encoder and play or you have to change cables or something? sorry for my bad english and thanks for your reply

If you have the cable for the 2500k with the connector on the end that will work. You just need to change settings in Granity.

Best is when guys want to buy a Mige motor is to buy from Lisa Zahn at Mige. She has been helping us with OSW/DD for many years. She would recommend the BISS C encoder from the beginning. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get the 2500 working, but didn’t waste too much time trying. The BiSS C encoder was easy to install.

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