2500ppr Encoder Wiring Help

Good Day, I’m new to the forum :slight_smile: I have been using a 9Nm Simucube 1 wheel for the past few years using a 80ST series motor with IONI Pro and 400w PSU. I needed a motor for another application so decided now would be a good time to upgrade my wheel motor to a 130ST-M10010 small Mige and I can use my old motor for the other app. I may have naively purchased the cheapest 130ST-M10010 from Aliexpress which comes with a 2500ppr encoder, is this compatible with my Simucube? Is it worth using or should I hunt down another encoder, they don’t seem easily available anymore. I think my old motor has a 10000ppr encoder, but it doesn’t look possible to swap.

I initially plugged it in and used Granity to change the motor settings, but was not getting any encoder feedback. Looking at the encoder wiring it seems I need to reorder the wires, but cannot work out what order they need to be.

I guessed A, B, C (Simucube) = A, B, Z (encoder), and Hall_W, Hall_V, Hall_U (Simucube) = W+, V+, U+ (encoder), but what do I do with the W-, V- and U-? I did try running it with this wiring and now get some numbers for the encoder, but it only counts in one direction and not smoothly.

Any help much appreciated

I don’t like electrics … shiny CNC’d aluminium makes everything better :slight_smile:

This was the exact motor I purchased:


You will feel a huge difference between the 2500ppr and the 10k encoder.

I and most others would have chosen th BISS C encoder. If you don’t order the motor with the BISS C encoder you have to have an adapter plate to use the BISS C encoder.
I do have a kit that includes the spacer plate and cable.

I also have 5k and a few 10k encoders.

I have been doing some reading and it does sound like a better encoder is definitely the best idea. Thanks for the link Joe, shame I’m UK based as that is the easy option. I should be able to get a suitable 26bit Biss C encoder from a local supplier and will make my own mount up, shouldn’t be too hard looking at it.

Yes you want a better encoder than the 2500.
Although I remember back when that was all we had we still thought it cant get any better than this! :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I hope it all works out!

To tie up this thread, I have switched to a 26bit absolute BiSS-C encoder, set at 20bit single turn, 0bit multi turn in Granity (1 million counts per rev) and it seems to be working very nicely. Hardest part was machining a tapered bore to fit my encoder ring to the end of the motor, my measurements must be off because it had a slight wobble, but seems to be fine with a bolt holding it on.