1600hz FFB Refresh Rate

I’m working with somebody who is modding a sim and adding in higher ffb refresh rates.

We get decreasing FPS numbers the higher the ffb refresh rate we use. It’s significant. Like 400hz gets you 380-480fps, 800z gets you 200-280fps, and 1600hz gets you 5-10fps.

Is there some kind of explanation that could help us out with gaining more FPS?

And is there an issue with the SC2P specifically with high ffb refresh rates?

I know more than say 360hz isn’t normal and no sims are really doing that but it would be educational to learn more.


USB human interface device maximum polling rate is 1000 Hz and it needs to fit (part of) the communications both ways.

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I had a hunch it just came down to that and the rest must be just CPU limitations for a single thread. Thanks!

No, it’s not a CPU Limitation.

I mean my own CPU limitations as an explanation for why 800hz fps is lower than 400hz fps