140405 error on rf2

I have a question regarding an error 140405

My hardware configuration:
-(drive type)
ioni pro HC
hw TYPE id 1120
Granite core firmware 1.7.7
firmware revision ID 95FBDF5

-(motor type/model)
mige 30nm

-(drive firmware version)

-(other details)
bISS C encoder


Problems arise when:
140405 Undervoltage. HV DC bus was under the limit defined by Under voltage fault thresholdFUV

Which Power supply are you running and what SimuCUBE Configuration Tool strength level are you running… this error usually occurs when the power supply is unable to deliver the wattage required for a certain FFB event.

Thank you for the reply…I don´t know wich Power SUPPLY is on. I bought the OSW kit at AUGURY .It´s the one sold with the 20NM

In game i have the FFB at 55%

Do you have the small or the large Mige? 20 A current is overdriving the small Mige quite a bit.

Hello Mika, Big Mige 30NM

By Augury:

1 ud. Servo Motor with BISS-C encoder (4.2M CPR)
1 ud. Motherboard SIMUCUBE
1 ud. Driver IONI PROHC (25A)
1 ud. Power supply Mean Well (to choose)
1 ud. AC Power socket filtered
1 ud. Fuse Holder (Fuse included)
1 ud. Quick Release SRC (Aluminum Black) (quick shut off included)
1 ud. Stainless steel box with exclusive Augury design
1 ud. Power ON Electroluminescent light (Augury)
1 ud. Servo Motor stainless steel stand Augury design (Tilt adjustable from -10 to 20 degrees) NEW
1 ud. USB cable with Ferrites (Augury box connection to PC) “Game” (2m)
1 ud. USB to PC 1.8m (CPU AC13) (European connector)
INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CONECTIONS PROTECTED AGAINST EMIS (electromagnetic interference). The Augury electronic box and its cables and components are designed to eliminate EMI’s and any other type of electronic noise that could affect the performance of the OSW
Screws and bolts included

I would consult Augury on what PSU they have in the unit.

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could you also post all your granity settings ?

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OK if you have a Large Mige running the Power supply from the Small Mige it is the NDR-480 which means it maxes out at 480watts + a little overhead but it is not really matched well with the Large Mige servo. You shouldn’t experience this issue much when running iRacing and 20A but because I don’t have too much knowledge of the way RF2 sends force %'s to the SimuCUBE it is very possible that it is sending a signal that is easily Drawing more than 480Watts from the Large Mige…

The Large Mige will under some situations draw over 720watts as well which will UV Fault the SDR-480. So if you hit those situations you are easily drawing over the 480 of the NDR480 by a large margin…

To solve this issue with RF2 you will just have to keep reducing the Strength slider to draw lower Amps until the point at which you don’t have the issue or the issue has become manageable.

With iRacing if you are running at a Specific Output of .6:1 or below the NDR can go up to 23.5A with minimal issues but it still can have issues here and there.

If you are driving and the Servo faults you can cycle the e-stop and actually clear the fault while driving. You do not need to restart the SimuCUBE.

One thing you can do to try to let Granity Settings Help you out is to set the MPP on the Machine Tab to 480, this will allow the drive system to try to limit the wattage draw though it is not always successful.

Otherwise the settings look OK, There are a couple of minor things that I generally would change BUT they do not do anything for the overall performance and are debatable on if they do anything so the MPP is the only real thing to adjust other than the Strength setting within the Configuration tool.

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Reduce MCC to 13,25 . Set MPP to 480 and tell us. Find out though what psu augury installed to be sure. If it is the sdr and not the ndr set MPP to 720

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Thank you guys for your help…

I will do this few changes and let you know .

You could also lower MMC a bit but maybe it won’t be necessary

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After testing differents cars with 100% …No more error.

Thank you to all for your help.