130ST-M06025 settings for Granity

Hello everybody.
I used the assembly on the motor MIGE 130st m06025 (2500PPR) + AASD - 30A driver. Received 17nm on the motor shaft.
I’m switching to SimuCube, and it’s not entirely clear to me what current values will be correct for this motor in the Granity settings.
PSU 800w, IONI Pro HC.
Can anyone suggest or share a settings file?

I guess this will give you some info:

Your motor is not listed, though :frowning:

I saw it. My motor is not there, and I don’t really need it.
I have a power supply unit for 800W - this should be enough with a margin. Interested in the current values in the IONI settings.
The Augury 18nm settings file should be suitable - there is the same motor, but it is not available on their website. (

PM sent, check you inbox :wink: