130ST-10010 2.5k drc setting file

Hi guys,
I’m waiting for the weekend to configure for the first time my new Simucube board. In the meanwhile I’m collecting some info, advice, preparing cables, etc.
I downloaded the “reduced current” drc file from granite wiki to test the motor and I’ll obviously use it for the first time configuration.

Assuming everything will be ok, anybody has a good drc file for my hardware:
2500 Encoder

I drive mostly on rf2, Raceroom and sometimes on Dirt Rally, RBR and kartkraft.
Thanks a lot.

The reduced current file in our wiki is not really recommended to use at the moment, as it has quite wrong parameters for especially over voltage limits.

Remember to update the IONI firmware to the latest version.

Thanks Mika.
Do you have any valid drc file I can use for the first config then?
Ioni isn’t updated automatically from the configuration tool at start?

IONI is updated at the start to the version that is bundled.

I might have some suitable DRC file but I can only send it later today.

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Yes, thanks a lot, no problem, I’ll configure everything in the weekend when I’m at home so later today is just perfect :slight_smile:

Small MiGE 10k.drc (9.2 KB)

here is one to try , until Mika hooks you up with a better one.

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that should work, but the CPR(FBR) value must be changed.

I didn’t get to check out my files yesterday.

Thank you very much Loukas :slight_smile:

Hi Mika, so I just need to set FBR to 2500 and I’m ready to load?

Yes, Parameter FBR to 2500 is enough.

This DRC file also seems to have a bit less maximum current that is possible with 480W PSU for the Small mige motor. Maximum (MMC parameter) should be 12.86 A which will then give out very close to 20 Nm of torque.

Also, the AXI parameter could be different depending on your phase wiring. If you find that there are huge notches and no FFB when you turn the wheel, switch out any two motor phase wires OR change the AXI invert checkbox.

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Thanks for the info. I modified the file. Can you check if it is ok for me now? Thanks.Small MiGE 25k.drc (9.2 KB)

Looks about right. I would also put the maximum peak power to somewhere near 480W instead of Unlimited, but I’m not sure if this has any effect in your use case.

Ok, changed also MPP in file to 480. I’ll report here my progress (hopefully today the courier will deliver the package so I can try everything tonight). With MMC to 12.86 should I set MCC higher too? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit: I set MCC to 11.5 (I read one wiki discussions about that)

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i prefer unlimited MPP that’s why i left it with 9.5A and 10A but you can test all these.

You can also test it with the MR and ML values i have in that file or you could press the “Measure resistance & inductance” button and try those.

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Thanks Loukas for the info, it’s all new to me, I have fanatec until some months ago and MMOS until now… can’t wait to try all those fine tunings :wink:

Hi guys, report time :slight_smile:
the drc file uploaded do not work unfortunately, the motor doesn’t even start :frowning:
so I tried with that one: simucube 480W PSU GD-2500.drc (8.2 KB) (found somewhere online) and it worked! It’s totally a new experience with simucube, Now I’m driving at 40% (4.8 A) on rf2 with porsche 911 on laguna seca laser scan and it’s beautiful :heart_eyes:
The only one problem is that I can’t set the correct rotation in rf2, no matter what I set i SC tool or rf2… anybody knows how to set the correct rotation? Tried also to set 1440 (I read some post about that online) but that doesn’t help.
In controller.json I set:
“Steering Wheel Maximum Rotation Default”:1440,
“Steering Wheel Maximum Rotation Default#”:“Default maximum wheel range to use when not read from driver, from 40 to 1440 degrees”,
“Steering Wheel Maximum Rotation from Driver”:false,
“Steering Wheel Maximum Rotation from Driver#”:“Whether to read the steering wheel rotation from the wheel driver, if possible”,
“Steering Wheel Range”:620,
“Steering Wheel Range#”:“Degrees of steering wheel rotation, both visual and physical (if available)”,
“Steering Wheel Software Rotation”:true,

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I think the answer to your steering rotation issue must be in the dedicated rFactor thread somewhere:

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