What to do when the QR is stuck?

I was able to seat and remove my wheel a number of times but this last time I couldn’t take it off. It’s stuck so fast that it’s putting a lot of force against the shaft. I’m worried I might damage it.

What can I do to ease it off?

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Hey mate, it happens to me too. I suggest you to give it some small strokes, it should come out without problems :wink:


Great question, this happened to me and when I managed to remove the steering wheel he came right up to meet my mouth, making a deep cut on my lip.

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yep, that’s the main reason why i went for another type of qr, after so many times fighting with the wheel to come off.

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turn the wheel 180 degrees and slide it down


This, reverse the wheel/wedge and slap the other side

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A slight upwards tap at the bottom of the wheel is all that’s needed to release the QR

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My QR begs to differ :slight_smile: I’m “tapping” pretty hard and it’s not budging.

I think need to get something like a rubber mallet and a block to set on it of something and tap it off like that.

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Okay, I got it off by turning it upside down (thanks for advice above) and banging with my fist pretty hard on the QR from the top. I don’t think hard enough to damage anything though.


I use very small amount of WD40 Teflon spray lubricant - Dry type used for sliding doors & windows.


Just returning to say I finally picked up a can of this for $10 on Amazon and it’s clean, almost can’t tell it’s on there, but taking off the wheel is so much easier. I can pull it off now just holding the rim instead of having to pound it off with my fist from the back.

Thank you!

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This teflon spray is great for being clean but it does seem to wear off and/or evaporate within a day or two. It’s better than not using it but after a while I’m still really applying a lot of force to get the wheel off.

Anyone have other suggestions for a lubricant that would be a little more lasting on that type of material while still being clean?

WD40 doesn’t strike me as being clean and the smell would be terrible. This teflon spray is great for not having a smell.

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Just curious.
Do you take your wheel off at the end of the day and install it after you get in the cockpit the next time you race?

My wheel comes off easily after tweaking the two screws that tighten the pin hold.

Not sure why though.

Another option to end this hassle for good is to invest into different QR, Buchfink Q1R or more expensive Xero-Play.

I just use a little bit of bike grease as I have some here for the maintenance of my bike. Any thick grease will do I suppose.

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I do I’m regularly taking it off each day and sometimes during the day.

Yeah I think I’ll have to look for something like that.

Guess a real QR might be an investment…

yes I removed it every day in average as I have several wheels and as I do also flight sim and need the wheel of my sight.

The QR system of Simucube is good enough for me.

Quick overview of other options if you decide to upgrade. (Of course when it comes to Barry, nothing is quick :grinning:)

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Maybe you can apply some lithium-based grease on the QR to prevent it from getting stuck again next time.~?