Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community

I’ll be able to compare Ascher B16 with BB Ultra soon.

I think the buttons on SRB GT3 (old one) are better than on Ascher B16. The rotary encoders are weaker though, but the knobs are big and easier with gloves.


Thanks, should have specified that I was referring to Pro version.
Updated original message.

Went for Ascher anyway.

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Congrats in advance mate.

great :call_me_hand:

Just swapped a newer B16L-SC with the BB Ultra on my R20, buttons have a very comparable feel, encoders also maybe even a little better on the BB but it could just be the knobs giving a slightly different feel. The build quality and finish seems a little bit nicer on the Ascher but I think I prefer the shifters on the BB, they are slightly shorter throw and quieter. I don’t really like black and red color schemes but it does look really sharp in person. Both are really nice but I am going to keep the BB Ultra simply because it’s the most affordable wireless box on the market with dual 7-way switches, I really like the placement of them up top.


SRB BB ultra (on Sparco P310.)

Quite impressed with the whole package

  • 28 inputs.
  • Dual 7 in 1 “funky” switches positions.
  • SRB shifters gen.2 (shorter throw).
  • Signal 100% in TD.
  • Spare rubber rings for the encoders and funky switches.
  • SQR wheel side was included (only for the first 20 orders though).

Will let things sink in over the weekend then will put the Ascher GT shifters instead. More pics will follow.

(Edit: Ascher stuff will be sent back to KW. Reason? Some pics shared below)


Turn R20 steering wheel w/ SimCore STD20-WD button plate.


Are there extra inputs for your sparco 310 buttons?

I really dislike knobs with rubber rings on SRB wheels. Already lost like 3 of them, they just rip after a while and fall off.
Got a set of O-Rings from amazon for replacement, they work but afraid it’s just a matter of time before I run out of them.

Knurled aluminum knobs would work better. Anyone knows where to source some that fit SRB Pro?

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that shouldnt happen so quick. I was checking which types of orings i have used and tested them now. Looks like to many plastic bags and i should pay more attention.
The latest ones i am using are EU brand and looks to be more resiliant. They are also much harder to be pulled off. Dimension 1.5mm thickness and 6mm diameter. I added this to manual now too.


Yes, all 28 input are used. However, on PCB near place where shifters are connected there are another identical connectors. Those can be used for Sparco P310 buttons, but they are shared with encoder push buttons. That is best i could do with 28 input limits and design as it is :slight_smile: Added in manual and only for those who are confident they can do it without risk of any damage…


I had this in my cart and was ready to purchase it in my cart it was 1057 dollars and for that price I want top notch rotaries and im glad I went with something else. Thats basically the price of a dd1. Thats cray cray

Will leave this in here

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Looking really cool and valuable - the design reminds me of the Ascher - there are clear similarities here

By the way, I confirm that an OMP Targa is incompatible with BB Ultra. The top buttons interfere with Targa top, even with the elongated holes allowing some shifting up and down.

BB32 has the same battery compartment as Ultra. Video mention it’s new on Ultra and to access battery on Pro 32 you need to take it apart. Wrong.
Received Ascher ‎B16L-SC, it is a step up from BB 32 in overall quality and buttons feel, buttons are a bit small though, to be honest still prefer ergonomics and controls of older C20M, it was also much lighter too.

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The BB Ultra looks like excellent value and I must say that I’m really tempted to order one, but my ‘‘old’’ Ascher button plate is still doing its job just fine


I really like the buttons on older Ascher plate I have, they have very positive “click” and stick out to easily locate even in gloves in VR.
SRB mushroom button caps are my least favorite.
New Ascher plate is using flat caps which is improvement over those, but they are almost flush with the plate and pretty small overall, not sure why two of them need guards, they are hard to press even without.


Is this supposed to be the finish on the new Ascher shifters?

That’s a beautiful wheel and you won’t be able to find an equivalent wireless version with analogue clutch paddles. On a side note, does having a wire ever bother you during gameplay? This is one of those things that seems nice to have, but not sure how much impact having a wire would have during gameplay.

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