Steering Wheels of the SC2 Community

They continues to do things, they mount the steering wheel that they use, and then sell second-hand, but you have to contact them privately. If they not respond in twetter, contact me.

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Cool setup.
Your wheel has seen quite some usage, eh

I use a suede brush after every session to keep them looking like new a lot longer.
Might still help for your wheel.

…Mi piace il tuo volante. ne voglio fare uno uguale:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have printer. if you need some 3d printed parts - pm :wink:

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At first I was “jealous” of all the stuff, then what really made me envious was to think all the time the guy must have to use so many different options. I wonder where he stores everything when it’s not spread about the base of his rig?


Having to many rims is a problem, you want to give them all some love but don’t have the time for it. I had 8 rims for my T500 and i said to my self i would settle for 3 rims to the SC2… now i got 5 of them and planning another one :expressionless:

I know exactly how you feel.
First world problems I guess

That wheel greed… :smiley:

In photography (and I’m sure in a lot of other hobbies) it’s well known as G.A.S. or gear acquisition syndrome. Thinking that new/better camera or lens will make you a better photographer :slight_smile:
And yes, I’m also guilty at times :smiley:

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A couple more parts ready for my DIY build. Should be able to assemble tomorrow to test before I cut the face plate .


Looks nice, what kind of wireless solution are you using?

I have to use the simucube wireless module like the Asher racing wheels etc. I don’t think there are any other options is there?

Nope, not that I’m aware off, hence my question :wink:
I’ve got some equipment here so maybe I’ll give it a go and try to create something myself.
Something for another topic

Thats not a hobby thats an addiction ???

hello, could you tell me how to do it, I have the same steering wheel as Nicsos and I would like to fix it a bit

And scrub away

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Finally finished. I will get better pictures in the day time and on the rig. It works great though. The signal between the wheel base and wheel is great with the little antenna they provide. It was not as strong without it sadly.


There are a couple out there that directly connect to windows BlueTooth… One is from a US SC2 Dealer the other is from an English Company… I have been using the one from the english company for a couple of years now but the firmware is pretty touchy but once set-up it does work well. I have no clue on the US one.

Windows Bluetooth is something different :smiley:
My PC is positioned at another location and only cables reach the seat location.

Received my HW and maybe start building some code next week.

Just received my Bentley replica from Johan at SSRG.

Together with his cousin :smiley: