SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



As things are now implemented, its save all data or not save anything. If you make such mistake, the reload button on the Advanced tab can be used, as long as you have not clicked save -button.


0.10.4 has now been officially released. It has no firmware changed beyound the pre2 version, but some configuration tool tweaks have been done after that prerelease.


Thanx Mika,
Will check it out tonight :slight_smile:


It appears, that there is a project for Logitech G25/G27 shifter to USB, on Github:

Its been done with STM32 HAL API, so porting this to SimuCUBE should be possible and even easy.

However, the X14 input on SimuCUBE has 5 V supply voltage, and various sources tell me that Logitech is 3.3 V compatible only. Can someone verify the Logitech voltages?


it would appear, that the HC4021B shift register on the G25/G27 shifter is indeed compatible for 5V supply.

However, the analog axises for the shifter would have to be wired to the Fan/External Potentiometers connector, i.e. not a single tidy connector solution can be done.

Makes me think whether this would be worth it…


How many people drive with these pedals when they have already a OSW?
I know many people have a G25/G27 but also the direct drive fans?


I used to drive with disassembled G27 pedals. But this is for the shifter - a perfectly OK button box in itself, and also an entry-level H shifter.


I‘m using this interface

Teensy based G25 shifter interface

It works perfect, you have a nice button box and meanwhile even my VPP pedals are connected to it via a precision ADC with spi interface to get rid of one controller (Did this already when MMOS was the only option for simucube.


I think I will integrate the project I linked, as it uses the same STM API already.


I have many OSW customers that still use G25/27 pedals.

It used to be smarter to upgrade pedals before wheels.

Since DD wheels have become more affordable, I think you get more advantage upgrading the wheel first.
Others may disagree?


Does it seem like the new release is solid? I have not seen many bugs reported.:slight_smile:


Running great on large Mige SinCos with AMS, AC, and rF2.


I have had no issues, Joe. BUt I am not on a BISS encoder either, just ordered one from Davy though for additional testing during the near future.



I have heard an issue where IONI firmware update failed. Tried that yesterday, could not repeat.

I also spotted an issue where the maximum current on the drive seemed to permanently decrease to the point of initialization failure, but user did not supply the debug log and just uploaded the drc file again.


ill be flashing a couple of new Simucubes tonight Ill report back if i have any issues.
they will be set up for the BiSS encoders.


Thanks Guys,
I guess too early to start putting it on new controls for customers.

I am having the strangest issues with a guy on 9.7.
His wheel sometimes starts spinning back and forth Violently. It usually only happens in the pits (pro mazda at road atlanta) and occasionally while he is driving.
When I was setting him up for the first time tonight via teamviewer his control was recognized by the pc in simucube 9.7 config tool, but I did not see a simucube icon in
Control panel hardware and devices. Then later I went back to control panel and it is there.

I found out he was plugged into a usb hub so I had him connect directly to usb ports on the pc. The problem still persisted.

His Sam Maxwell Mod27 290 button plate with race pro display will not downshift. And also was not visible in control panel/ hardware and devices, but later was. Checking the buttons and shifters in properties while in control panel everything works, but in iRacing still no down shift.
These problems happen even when e-stop is pushed in so to me that eliminates EMI being the problem.

His system
Dell ailenware aurara7
Triple screen

This one really has me scratching my head?

Any input is welcomed! :slight_smile:


Whats other USB things are plugged in. Ive seen VR and other things Saturate the USB bus with the Simucube in a port on the PC thats feed buy a Hub on the Motherboard. When that happens things get all intermittently faulty. I even managed to replicate it on my system.


Why don’t you try with 9.10 to test?


What amperage and torque settings, Joe? It might be as simple as oscillation.


It could be. Althoug he says it happens inside pits , it could happen lets say in rfactor 2 if you haven’t decreased the ffb level of the car. It defaults to 1 that is a lot. But he doesn’t mention the game