SC 2 Pro in Asetto Corsa disconnecting/turning all the way to right

Hey Chris,

Currently in RMA process with Granite Devices
I do not think we are the only ones having this issue.
I have not heard back from them yet, once resolved, I will post about it.

Unfortunately I can only recommend to start an RMA process ASAP.
I did try so many things (downgrading firmware, changing USB ports, changing electric sockets, even reinstalling drivers, removing windows updates, antivirus etc), so if this happens, I suspect it’s not software related.

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I found that going to my mother boards manufacturer website and downloading the newest chipset drivers completely resolved this problem

I couldn’t get though one turn without it having the problem and turning all the way to the left or right.

New chipset driver for the motherboard and totally working exactly as intended, I hope you might still have you SC2 with you to give it a try. I have been racking my brain trying to get it resolved. Just tested in 3 different Sims and it always happend in the same location on turn 1 and 10 laps later working smoothly

I have the latest chipset drivers for my motherboard, I did try to install older ones as well.
Without any luck on my side.

I am afraid my issue was more severe as I was loosing FFB during gameplay and it wasn’t specific time bound, sometimes I was playing for 30min and nothing happened, then suddenly loss of FFB or turning full lock to one side.
Next time I have played for 5 min and it happened. Sometimes even fine for an hour and it was ok.
Due to this, I was baffled why it does happen so randomly.
Surely if it’s a driver issue, it would happen the same way and same time, every single time.

However, I have a few questions in your case, did you install drivers recently that caused this issue or you never touched them and it started happening?

We are just now investigating one unit at our office, that behaved in a strange way (wheel turned all the way to left / right).

That wheel base seems to work perfectly fine at our office.

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That might be mine :wink:
I sent it back from UK through SimDemon.
Not sure what’s going on, it was very weird behaviour as the unit worked perfectly fine before and this was out of the blue, hence why I was suspecting a Windows update gone wrong…
This might still be a case then that MS released an update that screwed the drivers up…
I also have Razer Synapse installed which detects other controllers connected so it might be conflict between the two?
Which I have tested, removed Synapse and behaviour was exactly the same…

Actually its not yours, but another similar case.

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Ahh Ok, seems like it happens with multiple people.
I hope you find a resolution for these issues.
Very weird, as my SC2 Pro was flawless up until now.
Hope to hear from you back soon regarding my unit.

Yeah, there were a handful of reported cases in the early June. The issue is not widespread but we don’t have the cause for it determined yet.

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Thanks Mika for your hard work and your team’s dedication!
I can wholeheartedly say as a customer that this means a lot!

Just a thought, do you guys use VR or SimHub?

I use SimHub but only rarely for my bass shakers.
99% of the time it is not running and never did when I had these issues.
No VR.