New Simucube wheel adapters



@Tero any updates on the new adapters? ETA?


I do not get much hope with the new Rev2,
Has anyone thought that with the new 70mm adapter it will always be necessary to use a spacer when putting a rim on the front?

Now it will be mandatory to buy/include the spacer with any new SQR


Any news when the version 2 gonna be send to early buyer ?


Yeah it would be nice to have an update on this. Im getting tired of only using one wheel. Especially seeing all I need is the spacer to mount them.


I’m currently on holiday, but from what I know, there is a large batch of them arriving in time for the second and third production batches, and once we have sorted those production batches, we will gather the data from the form in the blog and get things moving.


Im not sure what you meant there. Does that mean there are spacers for the 2 batches only or does that mean those of us that got ours on the first batch will be able to buy the spacers finally?


Spacers will come in with the 2nd batch. That means they’ll start supplying them to 1st batch owners after the 2nd batch ships (1st week in August).


@Mika @Tero

Whats the status of the new adapters for early adopters? Filled out the form weeks ago but still can’t use my wheels and do not know whats going on even though you said they have arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Can you shed some light?


Handling the data from the form and organizing the shipment will be possible when we get a small break from organizing production of the next production batch.


I have a question:
In the revision of the new QR, the holes of the 50-70 mm adapter were removed from the inner thread (the previous adapter had it). As the thread was removed, you must use a stop nut in case to use a front screw. Wasn’t it easier to leave the thread in the holes?



I was looking for the threads myself I didn’t want to use the spacer if I didn’t have to.


The 50.8mm are still threaded, the 70mm are not


I would like to know what Granite Devices is planning to send to early (lucky) customers of the first batch:
a complete new SQR system? with QR, spacer and adapter
only a new spacer?
what else?
and more who bought 2 or 3 adapters will receive 2 or 3 new SQR?
Thanks in advance for the replies


I join Biancazzuro’s request, then I ask (maybe stupid question) but the 3 cm spacers that I received with lot 1 (with 2 qr) can be joined to increase the wheel motor distance? I now have one but I would like to buy 2 more to bring the wheel closer to me. thanks and bye


2 days has passed without an answer, I am a little worried about it…


Haha, I thought this meme might be applicable at this point in time :wink:


To my understanding, the replacement kit to be sent to those that requested it, include the spacer and the 70mm adapter. The SQR part itself is unchanged. But I will try to confirm this.

Shipments of these should happen at some point not too far in the future.


Last time I ask for something I swear


Asking is not the problem, but you guys got conspiracy-theory every time there is a short delay between questions and related answers :slight_smile:

Have a look through this forum lately, the same trend…


Great new version of the SQR.
You can easily mount the adapter 70mm pattern from the back: