New Mige BISS-C Encoder


That’s true Tommi. But one day someone will (hopefully) develop an adapter for it. And it’s going to be a great day :sunny:

Quote from another topic:

“Any plans to support Tamagawa SSI? They have nice multi turn 23+16=39 bit abs encoder TS5700N5401 (1 at the end means made in china, Japanese one have 0 as last digit) that costs like 80USD and directly fits Mige motors. That could be ideal solution for crosstalk, resolution, homing and noise protection for Simucube…”


As stated previously, the encoder front-end on IONI drive is not electrically compatible with RS-485 type of signaling that the Tamagawa T-Format encoders use.


i have one new mige motor with biss encoder coming directly from mige… anybody got the wiring scheme for the encoder? i belive its different from previos sincos…


We’ve just updated the pinout description for SimuCUBE to include more clearly the different encoder pinouts.


Small note, you still kept the error in the updated document.
X11-lower pin3 ADC123_IN3 should be PA3 not PC3.


I’ve now corrected that typo :slight_smile: However, it should be not significant unless you are developing a firmware :wink:


this is the wire cable encoder from mige… the signal definition its little different from the wiki page. to avoid any problem its possible to have an help to match the pin? thanks


Got a BISS-C upgrade kit from TOMO last Friday. I like it. I have it running in 22bit mode even though FW 0.9.8 does not officially support it. Using the exact same iRacing Car and Track with identical settings, I do notice a slight better feel in the smoothness. Whilst driving I was trying to put my finger on what exactly the difference is. And a bit smoother was all I could come up with. Not very scientific I know. I shot some video for a review I am doing on the conversion and when I look at it compared the video in my recent OSW review, I can see that my steering corrections are not as abrupt or quick as when driving the SinCos encoder. It felt like I was driving slower, but my lap times actually went up by 3 or 4 tenths. I was not expecting that based on sensations I was getting through the wheel. And this with my motion full on. Which usually slows me down a bit.

Based on what real information I can get from this testing, I don’t think this is a placebo effect. I always remind myself to be aware of that effect when I am testing something new. Of course 3 or 4 tenths could also be the result of my just being a better driver for this session. Not as much caffeine intake yesterday! lol.

But there is, for me, a noticeable change from the SinCos encoder. Albeit a subtle one, that I am enjoying. As always, YMMV…And I will be playing with settings and other games moving forward as time warrants.



The pin-out should be the following:

  1. FG/PE
  2. Clock- / MA-
  3. Clock + / MA+
  4. Data- / SLO-
  5. 0V / GND
  6. Data + / SLO+
  7. +5V

I’m unsure why the pins are not marked as written above. Anyways, when soldering / making connections you should not break the encoder unless you wire the supply voltage and/or ground to wrong pins. If you get the supply wires correctly, the rest you can do by -even by- trial an error. The 0V color black and 5V color red makes at least sense.


thanks…lets see if someone from the granity staff know the exact wiring, or i think im going to stripp of the motor connector and check with multimeter.


Hi Barry

The BISS-C upgrade kit is that a direct fit replacement for the Mige?

Tomo mentioned he would be offering those for sale but I do not see it on the website.

Love your vids btw.



I still can’t understand how a direct replacement can be made, unless the kit includes some type of an adapter for mounting as well.


Yes, this was a direct bolt on replacement for the small Mige I reviewed in the recent SRG OSW review. This Mige has two opposing holes that are tapped for M3 threads. This pair of holes are closer together than the holes that the SinCos is using. And they fit the BISS-C mounting bracket perfectly. Now, some older Mige motors may not have these extra holes. If that is the case, Tomo includes a machined adapter bracket that bolts to the SinCos holes. This adapter has two tapped holes with screws in them, that will fit the BISS-C’s mounting bracket.

I will have review video out on Tomo’s conversion kit this weekend. As usual, it will show all this in detail. Along with the settings I used in Granity to get it up and running. This is a very easy kit to install.


Wow, ok.

Good to know!
It comes with a new cable as well I take it?

I’ll have to check with Tomo regarding an ETA on availability.


Yes, new cable included.


Yes sounds like you probably have a revised Mige Servo as the older units only have one pair of mounting holes and a longer encoder shaft which fails the direct replacement ability.


The only thing is, Barry said he updated the Mige he used for his SRG OSW review which had the Sincos.
Which, if I’m not mistaken fits the old shaft style.

Anyway, we’ll soon see the upgrade process in the upcoming review. I’m curious about the shaft fitment as well.


Yes the SinCOS fit the old style shaft because the sinCOS has a deeper Void for the encoder shaft from the Servo than does the BiSS which is part of why Mige had to make mods to the servo itself… The other issue is the Mounting hole locations being narrower on the BiSS which is what Barry mentioned was on the one he has so it was an already Mige Modded Servo… It sounds like there will be a crossover and some SinCOS and all newer 10K Servos (as the 10K’s will use the old mounting) will be able to accept the BiSS directly though in reality I am not sure that the upgrade from the SinCOS to the BiSS will be worth the upgrade cost. However it will be the new standard upper end encoder so it is what it is there.


Unfortunately I was not able to get the last of the sincos encoders floating around so I’ll have to wait to see if there is a biss retrofit solution with the older mige… let’s see what tomo comes up with…if it just needs to be spaced out a bit it should be an easy fix…


JCL currently has four SinCos encoders left in stock…