Force Feedback on 3-4 axis

we expect that we won’t have time to try to implement multiaxis FFB interface until next year.

Would be ok to wait. I just need to know that we can control the motors one day, before ordering them and additional Granite products. :wink:

use a SimuCUBE and you current IONI drive […] as one-axis controller

I am a little confused about “and your current IONI”. Do you mean we can test more than one axis with the same signal at the same time? Or is the IONICube itself also capable of testing FFB?

When the motors are build in, it would be great if we could as a first step just simulate the FFB of a centering spring. When Axis don’t center, it is difficult doing testflights. :wink:

IONICUBE can’t be used for any type of DirectInput FFB interface, a SimuCUBE is needed. You could get a SimuCUBE and test with that IONI is capable of the needs and forces you require in your application.

Could you test whether Xplane/XPForce support setting a completely different USB game controller for all different axises?

Could you test whether Xplane/XPForce support setting a completely different USB game controller for all different axises?

Will try that. The FFB Joystick will be delivered the next days and I wrote a message to the developer of XPForce.

Marcel: What Mika is saying is you can by the SimuCUBE board only, and unplug the IONI Pro from your IONI Cube, and use it in the SimuCUBE, for testing. No need to buy a separate IONI, provided yours is a Pro or Pro HC.

Interesting project idea as well :slight_smile: Will keep an eye on it!


Beano, thanks, now I understand! :slight_smile:

Mika, I have some more news. Would it be possible to discuss this via mail? I did not yet find a PM function here.

Yes, you can email me, mika.takala@
(well you can guess the ending of the email address.)

I’ve also seen some emails that you have sent to our sales (Tommi) during last week, but we can discus more on email.

In 1r004 it’s X7, and in 1r005 it’s X17.

Pinout is:
1: +5V
2: SimpleMotion-A (RS485)
3: SimppleMotion-B
4: STO2
5&6: GND

Pin 1 is marked to the PCB.

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Hmm I can see it now and it would be wonderful… SimuCUBE Direct Drive wheel with an attached IONI 4X for a full motion driving rig… Sorry just thought of this I know it is a little off of the plane sim application…

Don’t hold your breath, as we think the motion control things would be much better implemented via a SimpleMotion plugin to Xsimulator, so there would be no need to have SimuCUBE in that application. Adding every possible use case to SimuCUBE is just not effective timewise, and would slow the development of the DD Wheel firmware.

What Dosim is after, is a force feedback (torque mode) device with more than one (3) axises, which is a different thing with different applications and requirements.

Yea I wasn’t I just thought it would be kind of cool for an all in one controller package of both Direct drive and motion… But yea that is ALOT more work…

Short words on the status:

Bought an old Logitech FFB joystick to test effects in X-Plane and several plugins. And realized why nobody does sell or use those joysticks anymore: It feels horrible! If you ever have used a SimuCUBE (I did with a racing simulator) - there is no way back to this steam technology device anymore. :wink:

But at least the plugins do work - we have some kind of data/signal to work with and start testing. Hopefully soon. :slight_smile:

Dreaming a huge force feedback Joystick by AC Servo Motor but no luck even if just one simucube right now.

No Force with DCS
No Force with X-Plane11 with XPForce Plugin

Hope someone solve force Feedback with Flight simulator and 2x Simucubes for Joystick.IMG_9906-400

Interesting project! We have heard about the limitation that the axises should be on the same FFB controller for the FFB to activate in these flight simulators.

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So i finally registered after hoping for updates on this for a while.
Im still hoping for a 2 axis simucube for flightsims (Condor soaring simulator to be exact).

Is there development into this direction or do i have to give up all hopes for my dream ffb flightstick?

Regards Benjamin