Follow the problems

boys FOLLOW THE PROBLEMS, when I’m running suddenly I have a moment that loses information and hits me hard to the left, I have to remove the arms of force
Then he loses all ffb: confused:


Seems like hardware. Maube something is loose. Have you checked?

everything seems to be well connected:pensando:

ok let’s try another thing . Go to simucube tool and navigate to hardware setup tab. There press the Configure motor, encoder and center point button. At the point where it asks for “select motor configuration” , select use a Drc file to configure the motor&encoder. Select this: Small MiGE 10k test2.drc (9.2 KB) and press next . Then in select indexing mode choose Automatic . Follow the procedure and tell me if it helps.

I had a remote support session with him.

For unknown reason, the connection between Simucube and IONI drive was unstable at high baudrate and there were a lot of bus errors. I suggested to check if the IONI is properly seated in the Simucube board, and to check out a power input from a different room as this might be related to some EMI issues. However, a first system I have seen to act like this.

Any other suggestions from the community?

I had this exact problem a couple of weeks ago I had to update the the IONI firmware manually from granity

if he didn’t have bumpstops , i think it would spin one way like this video , but this one based in ionicube and not simucube. But if the same principals apply , in the video comments he says that it was a faulty Disco board , so maybe simucube board is having issues.

@MX170 he is already using 1.7.9

@viturvo maybe i messed up with the first test drc , try the 2nd just in case , you have nothing to loose.

Yes that was the version that was installed on the one I had an issue with I flashed another version then flashed it again it may be something unrelated but it fixed our issue and the error was the same but it was on a simucube

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Then maybe Tero should know , it could be a bug that could affect other people aswell. Viturvo also has simucube so he should try out to replicate what you did.

I would also try disconnecting the encoder cable from the motor side and control side. Then see if control will start and phase normally without the runaway.
I would do this with the PC off.

Then turn on the pc.

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ok ,ya por probar ,voy a poner manual el Small MiGE 10k test2.drc ,por descartar otra cosa .

El tema de corriente electrica de casa se ha probado y esta correcto.

Es algo de la placa o fuente de alimentacion o motor.

what version instaled

I had a remote support session with @viturvo yesterday. There was a huge number of Simplemotion Bus errors and also overall erratic behavior from the servo drive. My suspicion was either very, very noisy electrical environment, or the IONI servo drive had gotten loose from the Simucube mainboard. When everything worked in Granity, all seemed to be just fine.

Ok sounds good.
How was his voltage looking in granity?
Was it stable?

Yes, it seemed stable.

Let me know the outcome. I have seen some crazy stuff when an encoder was starting to fail.

I also saw crazy behavior with a set of USB headphones. If I used them iRacing would not launch to track. I would get nothing but static on the screen and the wheel went VIOLENTLY CRAZY!!!

I think I’m finding the solution by changing the version of granite with other values ​​of voltages, effectively,
I will continue testing today in assetto corsa …
I think there are problems with the granity voltage



have you notified your vendor ? it doesn’t seem like something that you can fix with settings or remotely. Most probably Joe is right and something is failing in terms of hardware.