Can SimuCUBE Work with Granity Immediately Upon Power Up

I have a SimuCUBE-based OSW Kit. When I power on SimuCUBE, I first need to start the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool and click on the “Enable IONI USB configuration” button before I can connect to it via Granity. Can SimuCUBE be configured to immediately start in IONI USB configuration mode at power on to avoid needing to switch to this mode via SimuCUBE Configuration Tool?

Current firmware cannot be configured in such way. There are a few options:

  1. install only the bootloader with the reset_all_settings.dfu file and never install firmware. Bootloader will always enable IONI usb connection.

  2. install MMOS. Even if the FFB interface will not work with the sincos/biss encoders, it will keep the IONI usb connection open.

  3. Download the open source firmware from Github and make the required changes, and compile a firmware that does this.

  4. Buy professional support from us, so we can do the 3), including making a configuration tool change that makes this happen. Contact our sales via the contact form on the website.

Mika answered this perfectly.

I was just wondering why you would want to start directly into Granity?

Maybe he is developing some other single-axis solution that does not require / involve the Simucube DirectInput device? Maybe 1-axis IONICUBE would be the more correct device for this user.

Thanks for the help! I’m using SimuCUBE with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and my driver is only able to communicate with it using the serial USB port (see related comment here about needing to patch the kernel to get HID USB support). I noticed that my driver works after putting SimuCUBE into “IONI USB configuration mode”, which is the same mode that Granity uses. This is why I was wondering how SimuCUBE can be powered up with Granity support right away without needing to manually change the mode.

I did option (1) by following the instructions here. It’s working now. Thanks for the help!