Beano and The Granites meet-up



I’ve updated @phillip.vanrensburg’s post with two images of the man himself.


A giant on skates! :slight_smile:

I am glad you guys took a break and had some fun!

How thick do you figure that ice was?


According to the city’s official measurement location, it is around 42 cm (~16 inches) today.äsijärvi_(yhd.)/Ympäristöhallinnon_havaintopaikka_(Naistenlahti)


Lols Joe, I fell bloody hard on those skates…but it was an awesome day none the less!

Tero should tell the whole story though…reality was I couldn’t handle the heat in the sauna as well as they did, hence me running off to the lake that soon :lol:

Thanx Mika for posting those photos!


Never start a sauna competition with Finnish people.


it’s great to to hear about the meet-up and see the faces that go with the names.
i really enjoyed reading this.

thanks for sharing!


Ha, I miss my Finnish Friends. Hopefully we can meet up soon again :slight_smile: