Are there any Lifetime problems with Simucube 2?

Too low volumes to make such project profitable, and such assembly would require also CE/EMI testing etc… not as simple project to make commercially as you think.

I briefly looked at the power connector specs. It is a Molex Minifit connector (the e-stop is from Molex Microfit series). The manufacturer has tested the connector to around 20 cycles and measured the resistance after this test cycle - it hadn’t changed, thus connector passed the requirements. I guess the requirements are originally for internal-to-PC power connectors using 12 volts, and those are, by average, only ever disconnected/connected once or twice excluding the very enthusiast users.

It is recommended to always disconnect Mains first from the PSU, then wait a while for the charge to dissipate on the PSU, and then disconnect the DC connector from Simucube end. This is to avoid arcing/sparks in the connector. That will cause oxidation on the conducting surfaces in the connectors, which can lead to problems in extreme cases.

I do now know of any wheelbase device that has connectors that are designed for repeated unplugging/plugging…

Thank you very much for your briefly looking into connector specs and your time. And yes, under consideration of necessary CE/EMI testing for a new cable bundle under serial production with low volumes - it will be not profitable, understood.

That’s why if I only could buy from Granite two single cable with suitable plugs for SC2 side and blanc wires on the other side for the devices power supply and e-stop, I would try to make such a cable myself on my own risk.

for the PSU cable, you could utilize a PCI express power extension cable, but such extension assembly is not available for the Microfit cable series. There are bits and pieces that one must get for that connector, including crimping tools (I think), so we would also have to have such cable specially made…

Great idea, thanks for the tip. Now I will use a short extension cable for PSU and additional short extension for USB.

Honestly spoken I never needed or used the eStop in the past. And in danger case I could go out of the game via keyboard nearly as fast as pushing the eStop (wheel keys could not be used in danger case). That’s why I will create a short " cable dongle" with permanent eStop off by soldering the affected cable together or I could mount the estop direct to the wheel base mounting plate. Than I will never have to plug/ unplug the cables at SC2 interface in case of changing wheelbase against Flight yoke!

Thanks a lot for this helpful discussion!

I think this is true for high end wheelbases.

In the consumer space (ie logitech) those round friction fit connectors are common and I think those hold up pretty well.

True. But even USB (type A and B) are only designed for 1500 cycles, so two cycles per day over two years would already be close to that. But its just about good enough for even the high end consumer systems.

I feel like the PSU is the most important.
Are you just running low voltage/current through the estop cable?

Yes, only typical low voltage signaling via the estop.

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For me the lifetime problem is solved:

Short PSU extension cable is ordered, for USB I will use a 90° Adapter. E-Stop is a low voltage NC-switch using only 2 of the 6 cores of the cable. Molex crimp plug, female/ male pins are available to crimp an extension cable or in my case a “NC-plug dongle” without switch. And than the interface for regular unplugging of the SC2 is outside the origin interface. And these adapter cables can be changed every year or so.

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i just want to say im consistently blown away with how responsive and direct the support is from these guys… as somebody that went from a DD1 to a simucube 2 pro i have to say i NEVER seen such support on the fanatec forums… extremely rare you would get a response from them let alone a useful answer.

i hope i never have issues and need the support but gosh every time i come to the forums here i consistently see responses and detailed answers. that’s how you do customer service.


Hi Mika, do you know if the PCI express extension cable is using the molex mini fit jr. standard, I would like to replace the plug housing of my power supply?

I do not think the standard includes the “easy-to-handle” connector housing, and we can’t officially recommend to do any DIY repairs to any PSU-related parts.

Yes, thank you, fully understood.
Now I will use an additional short PCIe extension cable and safe the connection without latching with 2K-glue and use the other end for plugging/ unplugging